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EswatiniTV Religion

Gospel Impact

Sunday at 8:00 AM

On gospel impact, every moment is dedicated to uplifting your soul. We love to praise and worship the highest God. The bible instructs us to praise, so each Sunday morning, we treat you our viewers, to whole sum music -traditional, international, contemporary, and classic gospel tunes are what we look for. If it is "making a joyful noise unto the Lord" that you want, then we got you! Get your praise on; Gospel Impact's selection of music will have you on your feet, singing along and dancing. We have the best Christian music artists; rendering their best performances, to uplift your soul. On Gospel Impact, We bring Praise and worship into your home!



Sunday at 7:30 PM

A religious programme offering sermons from diverse churches around the kingdom. Gospel music videos are also incorporated during the broadcast of the show. Siyakudvumisa is aired every Sunday and is hosted by Mxolisi Mavimbela.


Shows to Watch on SwaziTV

Siyakudvumisa Sunday 7:30pm

Sunday is everybodies favorite day because #Siyakudvumisa brings you the best gospel music AND sermons around the Kingdom . @Official_Swazi_TV #Siyakudvumisa Sunday 7:30pm...

Behle Betfu:

Its other new season of you favorite show Behle_Betfu. We are serving up a slice of the good life. The every best of Swaziland. A season of inspirational stories: Swazi Rally, Umhlanga and the Trade Fair.

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