Sunday, 5 Feb 2023 10:20 AM
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Eswatini TV Marketing

Services Offered

Advertising - TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format. We offer 10-60 second commercial Adverts with different price range, Prime Time and Non-Prime Time rates. Commercial slots also vary from type of business, corporate sector, SME sector, Churches and NGO’s.

Program Sponsorship / Branding - From on-air association with a single programme to long-term, fully integrated partnerships including branded content, product placement, and more.

Clock Sponsorship - Feature adverts usually 1-10 Minutes duration; aim to build awareness of a product or service by usually demonstrating its use and benefit.

Infomercials - Branding of Tindzaba and News Clock Count down as well as Kusile Breakfast Show.

Kusile Breakfast Show

Stay tuned to Kusile Breakfast Show (KBS) as we look deep in to Swaziland Top Stories and live Interview, Daily show starts at 6am-8am, Saturdays at 6.30am-8am and Public holidays at 7am-8am.

Buhle Betfu Saturday @ 7:30pm

This week on Buhle Betfu, get ready to have your hearts melt with the story of the natural tranquility of the Ezulwini Valley, the Royal Swazi Spa Valley resort beckons guests from all corners of the world

Coming up on EswatiniTV

10:30 AM - 700 Club

11:00 AM - Mara (rtp)

1:30 PM - Tropika Island of Treasure (Rpt)

2:00 PM - Buhle Betfu (Rpt)

2:30 PM - Buhle Betfu (Rpt)

3:00 PM - Washumkhukhu

3:30 PM - Emaphoyisa NeSive

4:00 PM - Road To Qatar

5:00 PM - Gospel Impact

5:30 PM - More Dan a 4 Letter Word

6:00 PM - Embili Kanye Kanye




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